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2011-01-19, 17:42

Originally Posted by alcimedes View Post
ooh, there should be an applenova coliseum, with different mob spawners behind different gates. Break down the gate and all the mobs rush out, only to find other mobs are the only thing in reach.

Cue the death fest while AN minecrafters watch from the stands, high above the mobs.

Could even place bets on which set of monsters will win out, zombies, spider or skele's.
We actually have built a coliseum-style "arena" with this idea in mind! It even has an obsidian floor to protect the structure from creeper explosion damage. Back when I had hMod running, we tested various spawners in the arena including Skeleton, Zombie, and Monster. Creepers didn't seem to want to spawn from a spawner cube, though, which makes sense because a creeper would just blow up the spawner. Giants wouldn't come out of the spawner, but I could force one to appear anyway like we did that one time in Bridgeport.

Originally Posted by alcimedes View Post
Well, this idea did come up after someone complained about griefers.

Perhaps a new spawn point for griefers instead of banning them?
I like that idea. If I could get one of the (several) warp mods working in Bukkit, it might be possible to send a griefer to the area that way.

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