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2011-04-05, 16:28

Originally Posted by 709 View Post
Do we really need huge rooms for personal PO boxes? I don't know, just asking. Seems like a little 4x6 room with a double-chest or two and wallspace would suffice. But have at it if you're so inclined. I call the 13th floor!!!
No need for a giant tower post office.

At all...

At most we will be exchanging less than a double wide worth of precious material -- any more than that, i think it is unfair for the donor to walk it to the postoffice in multiple trips.

A room with x number of double chests, where X is the number of players active, who want a box, is perfectly reasonable.

There are high efficiency routes to doing this. Ideally it would be in a basement, where boxes can be put into the ground to save space.