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2011-04-11, 13:59

Originally Posted by billybobsky View Post
Don't need much space with a high density farm... Basically torches are placed in a L shape like a knights move on a chess board. This ensures that all ground spots are next to torches even when the trees start to grow. These farms are deadly, as the trees tend to grow through you while harvesting, but they produce an inordinate amount of wood.
Set your graphics to fancy and the trees wont hurt you. Fancy graphics also makes harvesting large trees easier since you can see the branches through the leaves.

(Fancy graphics also means that mobs wont spawn on trees... but only if *everyone* is on fancy.)

Originally Posted by Robo View Post
I wonder if lightning always strikes the highest point in an area?
If lighting is going to damage structures hopefully we also get the ability to build lighting rods, i.e. iron block on top of a stone pillar. (Iron pillar? That's a lot of iron...)

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