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2011-04-25, 20:41

Originally Posted by Robo View Post
I think that's the idea.

I just don't see the need. Like, is there anybody out there who is seriously upset that other people are getting resources for their projects through dark magicks? Is there anybody who thinks that their pretend blue blocks are somehow less special because someone else got their pretend blue blocks the wrong way? Let me know, and I'll get rid of them, srsly.

I don't think that any immediate 1:1 exchange of equivalent "value" is needed. We're not strangers. We all know each other and we all want to help out each other, especially if they've helped us out first. And how would you value different blocks, anyway? Rowdy and art gave me a bunch of wool because I was making a wool house and they had extra. I gave Bryson some sand because I built on a desert and had plenty. Is wool worth more or less than sand? Are we going to start running auctions so that the Invisible Hand can determine the value of different blocks? God, I hope not.
I think you may be on to something here. I don't care a bit about anything getting anything per se, maybe I'm just irked that if everyone gets what they want, why do they have to ask? Just put a ton of shit in the community exchange and refill it when it's gone, right?

Bottom line is I hate to ask for anything, and when I do get something, I feel the need to repay.

That's not to say I just don't like helping people out. I dropped a bunch of starter stuff at your place with only the hope you'd stick around. Never once did I think about bullshit repayment. I never would.

So it goes.