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2013-03-01, 00:41

A note for everyone about the veggie farms: there is a chest in the middle of each level with food & loot. Grab how ever much you want! No need to harvest a few things here and there.

Since I've been below working on the treefarm I'll occasionally pop up, and if a plantation is fully grown I'll harvest it, replant, then put the loot in the chest. After the treefarm is finished I'll be back and forth checking in from time to time, but I encourage anyone to do the same. If a plantation looks fully ripe, harvest and replant. There's a ton in each chest right now, so just dig in!

Protip: The corn needs to be harvested from the base. If you just harvest the tops you may not get enough seeds to replant - even though the entire plant goes away when you top it off (unlike reeds and flax). There's a hoe in each chest in case the soil goes bad. Also, corn needs fully saturated soil to plant. Goddamn corn.

So it goes.