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Thank you for doing that. Boy, does that clean up a load of crap!

Oh, and I think we could also include ALL members who have not posted in the last five years, regardless of post count.

So, rewrite that script.

Originally Posted by drewprops View Post
Also: new users have to write a 500 word essay about why they would like to join.
Originally Posted by Brad View Post
At first, I was going to write, "What? Do you think any of these turds can even form a 50-word essay?" Then I thought about it and deleted my response, which I thought was maybe a little obtuse.

But, now I've been thinking about it for a few hours while lubing my brain and I have a different feeling.

Why the hell not? Maybe that's what sets our forum apart from the others. Maybe we can ask for something very similar to that. Maybe less words (250) and maybe there are beer-goggle judges who decide whether or not to let the bastards in? First post has to be at least 250 words, and some dickhead like me will fact check/plager-y check and then submit for votes by the standing members?

Hell, Scates could rattle off 500 words in ONE F-ING POST!!!

We want Applenova to be where the cool, smart kids hang out, right?

Seriously, why can't we? Why can't we ask that our new membership show a scruple or too before they prattle on about things?

Maybe I've had too many beers, or maybe my brain just switched on. Don't know. Is it worth discussing? Well, "back in the day" we had some pretty damned good conversations. We had smart folks contributing to smart discussions, and sometimes one of us was on the losing end. Have they all gone off to 50-character twit-snap-face B.S.? Are there still people out there looking for quality writing followed by quality conversation? Hell, even our most ardent, cranky members would drink beers together, methinks (if I ever land in Detroit you bet your damn britches I'm getting drunk with 709!)!

25-word posts do not demonstrate intellect. They demonstrate laziness. In the time it takes you to formulate your thoughts into a reasonable tweet, you could have said something smart!

Well, if I'm just being an idiot, it's okay to say so. I can take it! Because AN, that's why! And what we need right now is better, more informed, reasonable, critical discussion, not 50-character tweets! Here's the way I see it: AN is about smart, engaging conversation and we need to continue to foster that, even when it becomes heated. At least our members are sharp enough and intelligent enough to have a discussion—even when that discussion becomes an argument. At the end of the day, most of our membership can write 250 words. We should make that a prerequisite.

Originally Posted by drewprops View Post
If only you would have said, "LET'S MAKE THIS BITCH WALK THE PLANK!!!" I could have taken you seriously. But, you dropped out of character and that's bad form. So disappointed.

- AppleNova is the best Mac-users forum on the internet. We are smart, educated, capable, and helpful. We are also loaded with smart-alecks! :)
- Stand for something, or fall for anything!

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