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2021-08-08, 04:39

Apple has a legal liability to report images of child pornography stored on its servers to law enforcement. These reports do not necessarily lead to prosecution, nor do they necessarily identify, in the strictest sense, child pornography. The fear here seems focused on Apple as some sort of extra-legal entity. It is not. It is a company operating within the law.

And yes, if duly elected politicians pass laws that make it illegal to take photos of double rainbows, Apple may be responsible for reporting those images as well. This wouldn't be Apple's fault, but yours, since you voted those idiots in who passed those stupid laws, and if your concern now is that the laws against child pornography are too broadly written such that companies like Apple have to work with law enforcement, well 1) gross, and 2) you live in a democracy, but I am not sure you want to ally with child pornographers...

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