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2021-11-18, 12:35

It was last updated in March of 2019, so yeah...well over two-and-a-half years ago. I can't find it on Apple's site either. Before that slight website tweak (I think it came after the store went back up after those new MacBook Pros were announced), it was gone. It was always in the Music section. But now I can't even find that.

If it's available for sale, by Apple (on their website), they're making you work for it!

EDIT: I found it, but only by click the little magnifying glass and doing a search for "iPod touch". It's not in any of the little section headers (Store, AirPods, iPhone, TV & Home, Only On Apple, accessories, nowhere in any of the music-oriented categories, etc.). As I said, they make you go looking for it.

Its URL is basically, so it's not part of any other parent(?) grouping or system ( or whatever). So unless you just took a chance and typed it following "" (and included the hyphen) nobody could blame you for thinking it was a goner.

I mean, why even bother at that point? If you're not going to offer it easily seen/found (especially this time of year when people are looking for gifts), then just yank it outright and be done. Keeping it, but burying/hiding it, seems a little silly.

Off-topic (click to toggle):
If they sold a modern (A14, or possibly even A13) iPod touch with SE-esque specs/features elsewhere (camera, TouchID, 64GB storage), I'd give serious thought to ditching the iPhone completely and just having a wifi-based device as my daily thing. I'm surrounded by wifi everywhere I go these days. The only time I'm not on wifi is when I'm in the car, driving...and I don't use/look at my phone there anyway, and haven't for years. I've had that DND while driving on since the day it existed, so everyone knows if they can't ever reach me that I'm either in the shower or driving...and it's never been an issue ); it's no different than my life was before 2004 when I got my first cell phone...sometimes I'm just not reachable, deal with it). I could easily go back to that and just be reachable via my AppleID on Messages, FaceTime, Mail while on Wifi. Isn't much different than my life now, actually. Making cellular calls and using cellular/LTE for data are the two things I do least on my iPhone, so I know I could give them both up. But I can't throw in with an A10, no-TouchID thing, so... But should they ever resurrect the iPod touch for 2022 and beyond, then yeah...I'd be looking very hard at making that switch. I don't think I'd miss a beat. I'd love to not pay AT&T a monthly bill.

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