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2011-09-19, 22:57

AI link

It makes sense, in a way. The next generation of Intel processors, Ivy Bridge, was delayed until sometime in the first half of 2012. It seems unlikely that Apple is going to want to wait so long between updates. And Intel just introduced some new processors, and dropped prices on some old ones.

Another thing they could do, besides bump the processor, is finally bring the 13" MacBook Pro in pixel parity with the 13" MacBook Air, with a 1440*900 display. They could also make the 1680*1050 higher-resolution display option standard on the 15" MacBook Pro.

An introduction of new models this month (this week?!) would be quite sudden, but it would give the new MBPs some time in the spotlight before attention shifts to iOS products in October and beyond. And it's possible they've just been waiting until the back-to-school promotion ends tomorrow.

The other day I was kind of surprised to find "the new MacBook Air" still front-and-center on Apple's homepage. What are your thoughts?