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Mr. Farmiga
Join Date: May 2004
2004-07-24, 16:06

I feel for you, moogs. All the more reason to never use the shifty, offensive bastard of an OS.

Trailmaster's first response to you was classic (followed by your "I rest my case"). This kind of thing shouldn't be that hard, or require that much effort.

Yes, a giant turd of an OS. Makes me sad that it's all some people know, or will ever know. It's solely the reason computers have a bad reputation in many quarters. I've got relatives who will never buy a computer because of the horror stories they've heard OR the pain-in-the-ass they've experienced over and over again at their job, using one.

There's irony for you: the King Daddy company with this commanding presence and marketshare is ALSO - at the same exact time - the biggest roadblock for so many people opting to never buy or use a computer.

Chew on THAT little nugget and see if it doesn't make your head spin.

I'm sorry, but this kind of nonsense just doesn't happen on Macs. And if it DOES, it's an isolated, random freak-ass scenario that can't even begin to compare to the frequency and intensity it occurs on the "other side".

In my entire circle of friends and family - lots of people - who use computers, the ONLY ones I ever hear bitching, cursing, calling tech support, up at 2am pulling their hair out, calling me as if I have some sort of insight, etc. are the PC users.

If I hear from a Mac buddy, it's only to invite me out for drinks or dinner or to talk about movies or whatnot.

Never "OHMIGOD, iTunes just deleted my System and now the hard drive is eating itself and I can't understand the message on screen!!!!!