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2004-07-24, 19:31

You look into a case like that and tell me that installing an HD is an easy task. And that's just the physical instillation of it. Dealing with XP is an even bigger pain in the butt. I installed an HD in my G4 in 30 seconds.

1. Open case
2. Mount drive
3. Plug in power and IDE cables
4. Close case and boot

No dealing with huge amounts of wires, strange places to put the drive, or reversed/upside down IDE cables. With the Mac it is as it has always been and always should have been, "It just works." The fact that your average consumer (and even your typical semi-computer savvy consumer) couldn't even instal their own HDD is utterly ridiculous. There is absolutely no excuse for that. Computers should make our lives easier, and all I ever hear about from the Wintell world is problems.

Here is my call for MS to get its head out of its worthless butt and actually make a system that works for the user, not against it. And for the love of pete...will someone else actually design a case...I almost puke every time I open up my brothers VIAO and have to deal with the mountains of wires, cables, and other crap running around the machine. Why is it that Apple is the only company in the world that gets it?

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