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2005-07-10, 15:21

Thought this thread kicks ass, so I'm officially reviving it.

My dream Mac is a sub-notebook Mac. Kind of like those tiny Sony computers. The specs below are totally realistic.

-10" screen, 1024x768 (slightly more dense than 12" PB), no external video out to save space
-1 or 1.2 Ghz PPC G4, 256 MB RAM (expandable, of course)
-aluminum, like the PB, but with white accents
-no built-in optical drive (comes with FW combo drive), which alone would make the computer very small/thin
-iPod hard disk, for less power and thinner case
-airport, bluetooth
-screen that makes a complete seal when closed (not like the snow iBook, where a gap remains, but like the older clamshell iBook)... this would make it durable enough to throw in a bag or cargo pocket
-solar panel built into back of screen, for trickle charging (with a warning sticker against leaving your computer out in the sun)
-mono speaker to save space
-smaller power adapter, like the iPod. I know it would take a hit in amperage (meaning longer charge time), but tiny AC adapters are soo cool
-the computer would charge on 12 volts, so a car cord could be made very compact and cheap
-recessed LED light at top of screen, angled down at keyboard for night typing... controlled by aluminum impedance switch (like the volume controls on the JBL OnStage)
-sleep-swappable battery, which is accomplished by a capacitor, not a button cell array like the PB
-more durable hinge than PB/iBook
-rubber bumper strip around edges
-external monochrome 2-line LCD display on side of case and external play/pause/etc. buttons with iTunes integration, so you can listen to music via headphones with the computer closed. LCD also shows battery life, solar charge amperage (how much light it's getting), time, date, etc.

It would come with a tough nylon case (like the InCase sleeves), with the option of a $49 leather case upgrade. The case would have room for the adapter.

Call it the PowerBook Mini.

Edit: The solar panel is for absorbing ambient light to trickle-charge the battery, not for leaving your computer out in the sun to bake.

Edit 2: The case would also have a pocket for an extra battery. The battery could be made smaller because the screen is smaller (therefore less backlight power draw) and the hard disk consumes less power (cause it's smaller) and there's no optical drive to eat the battery. That would also make replacement batteries cheaper ($59 anyone?).

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