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2005-07-10, 16:37

My dream Mac? The next generation 12" Powerbook. I've been saying all along that the next 12" Powerbook will be spun off into it's own line, and now that it's looking like the next iBook (which the 12" Powerbook is based on) will sport 14" and 15" displays, I think a third notebook line for Apple is looking pretty likely. I think it'll have a 13" widescreen display (maybe they'll be an 11" version). I've been calling it the Starbook (*Book...get it?) because it's my dream notebook and "Starbook" sounds kickass. I think Apple's new "prosumer" notebook will be styled similairly to the Powerbook, except I think it should (not will, mind you, but should) come in colors - not iPod mini colors, but more "sophisticated" hues - deep red, light blue, white, black, etc.

My dream notebook line for Apple would be...
12" iBook mini - 14" and 15" iBook - 13" (and 11"?) Starbook - 15" and 17" Powerbook

Although, of course, the Starbook concept above could always be called a Powerbook...but since the Starbook might not have some of the higher-end features of the Powerbooks (*cough* illuminated keyboards *cough*...although, in my dream Starbook, they'd be included) it might be a good idea to differentiate them in name.

I think the Starbook would start at $1,499...if there was an 11" version, they'd start at $1,399.