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2005-08-11, 19:12

Originally Posted by murbot
You're just flirting with EVERYONE today, girl!
Yeah, I guess I *am*, murbeau. But flirting is one of my favorite things; and besides, thegelding said it was okay on my birthday.

I *had* been trying to tone it down a bit lately (the flirting, I mean), since I'm actually such a shy, delicate flower ( ). But 'today'... today is different.

Tell you what, pony up those pics I've been asking for, and you can do whatever you want with my 6-pack. (I mean the abs. Don't touch the beer. No one touches the beer.)
Damn, murbeau, if I were around, I'd make sure you had TEN CASES of beer, so you wouldn't have to worry about someone taking one. (See, Leos are lavish, generous, unstinting... in *all* things. )

About those pics... maybe 'someday'...