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2004-05-20, 03:02

Originally Posted by Wrao
So, My hard drive has slowly started to get more and more cluttered, it happens in such small increments that I rarely notice and then I wind up with a huge pile of crap and clutter I could do without.
So, what do you guys do when it's time for some clean up.(...)
in general, what about devoted project folders to put in your stuff right from scratch? Though, you pretty much avoid clutter of any sort of. I know, that assumes some ... er ... minor discipline.

Regarding the duplicated documents issue: i think a finder search would be a nice feature in an upcoming Macos X Release. It should be a finder build in feature. The finder searches for (real) duplicates and gives you some options what to do with them (delete, move, keep all etc.)

what do you think?

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