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2004-09-07, 20:52

My dream Mac. . .

Would be about the size of my external hard drive (3.5", not the bulky 5.25" multi-ide encloser). . .

It would have the best power management based in hardware that is independent from the OS. . . and would not eat up more then 70w on full load.

A laptop sized hard drive, around 60 gigs, but can be bigger.

G5 running at around 700 to 1200 Mhz. . . that slows down when not being used. (to lets say 1/3 the speed).

ATi Radeon Graphics, something that can take core video.

512 megs of RAM built in, expandable via SO-DIMM slot.

Firewire or USB external Superdrive. . . slimline.

Wireless built-in. . . bluetooth too.

Optical, and Mini-jack audio out. . . with above average quality.

DVI for the video port. . . and an adapter for VGA. (if needed)

Multi colour case. . . to which you can change the colour yourself.

Silent. .. cooled by one mother of a heatsink, topside and passive.

That's about it.

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