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Mr. Farmiga
Join Date: May 2004
2004-09-08, 20:48

Can I update/amend my earlier contribution?

After further thinking, I believe I'd just dig a little e-mail/surfing pad. The screen of a 12" iBook, the thickness of a 40GB iPod or so (maybe two). I waver between iTunes/iPhoto functionality (USB and FireWire ports for music and photo loading) and between just a straight, simple AirPort/Bluetooth enabled e-mail/Internet/contact/calendar thing...

Maybe for the purposes of price and whatnot, it should just be a simple, sleek "stay in touch and connected" device? No additional graphics or audio horsepower needed to power any digital hub apps...just e-mail and browser, basically.

I took my PowerBook to a local coffee shop the other night, one that offers free wireless Internet access. While cool and all - and got plenty of looks and nods over the PowerBook - I was realizing how, while sitting on the big plushy couch there - that it would feel more natural and comfortable to hold a single, non-hinged screen in my lap (like you would a notebook or folded over magazine) than a heavy, wide full-on laptop...especially since all I was doing there was surfing, reading and answering e-mail.

Do that handwriting/Inkwell thing. Goodness knows Apple has a line on this whole thing, considering they were the Newton people and all.

So yeah, an iContact. That's what I'd like to have. That's what would make the most impact on me. I'd have that for my traveling, weekends away, coffee shops and the park, and the high-end, tricked-out to the hilt iMac G5 for a "real" Mac, and call it a day.

Times like these, I wish Apple had a Fender-inspired custom shop.

You go to them with an idea, have a meeting with one of Ive's underlings, design exactly what you wanted, pay a gob of money and a month or so later, you get your one-off dream product from Apple shipped to you, ready to use.