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2004-09-08, 21:01

Originally Posted by \/\/ickes
Ok. . . you want to stip an iMac of it's goodness. . . and stick what's left of it's pride in a HP case?

Man, you really must hate macs.
So that's why I've bought four of them over the last years. Hate Macs? I had a latop with a 68020 in it. Word of the day: practical. A desktop with a rather slow notebook optical drive, no PCI slots, and a low end non-upgradable video card does not fall into that category. Which is a major reason why Apple has so little of the market. The iMac is a great family computer and would probably buy one as a second computer if I had kids, but I need something a little above and beyond that in that price range. I would rather pay more for external devices.

Originally Posted by Luca
I actually like the elegance of the iMac. I also think the G5's case is really nice, with excellent cooling. I just also recognize and appreciate the ATX style case. For a midrange, super-expandable computer, you can't beat it.

Why would anyone want an HP Pavilion case? They probably suck. Something by Cooler Master, Kingwin, or Lian-Li would be ideal. Those ones look very good and have great airflow (way better than the G4 tower case).
The people who would go for the Lian-Li type cases are would probably go for a G5. Why HP? 1. If a place sells computers, chances are they're an HP dealer. 2. Compared to the other mainstream companies (Dell, Gateway, and HP's own Compaq), they don't look half bad.