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2004-09-09, 06:51

I just want a little app called "iMouseAirPortSend".

I want it so much I might even write it.... Where is my XCode DVD?!?!?

I work on a G417" PB and a Dual G5.
I use them pretty much simulatenously.
The big beast rendering and stuff while I prep on the 17" and also do most of my emailing etc..

Quite often I have a piece of text on the screen or a graphic that I need on the other machine right in that particualr app where my poiner is right now...

Wouldn't it be cool if you could just CMD-click something and 'iMouseAirPortSend' the text or graphic you had highlighted to exactly where the mouse pointer was on your other machine...

I'm emailing Steve about it right now......

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