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2004-05-31, 22:50

Originally Posted by Undertaker
Don't all powerbooks come with a built in keyboard?
yes, they do. he was probabyl just being an asshole.

when you removed your sister's music, did you remove it from within iTunes the program, or did you route around the hard drive for it? If you did it from iTunes, I think iTunes should have asked you if you want to delete the files, or just delete their reference in the library. You may have opted to just remove their references. In which case, you'd have to manually look around your hard drive for the music. The no-cost omnidisksweeper program mentioned above (in paul's post) should be able to tell you how heavy (in terms of MB) various sections of your hard drive are (if it acts like i think i remember it does). Most likely, if your sister's music is still on the computer, it will be bunched together in a folder. ods should be able to find it. and if its not the music, ods should be able to find whatever the problem is anyway.