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2004-05-31, 23:09

Originally Posted by Undertaker
Thank you I will try that. Unfortunatly not right now because I just shut down my powerbook and writing this on my parents Powermac G4 400 mhz. Do you have any clue what folder it would be under? Thanks.
well, it depends on how the music was attained, ie: legally or iLegally. of course, if its the latter, don't admit it online. iTunes, when you rip a cd, puts music (i think) into a subfolder in the Music folder in your home directory (or, as the case may be, your sister's home directory). Older versions, if memory serves, put it in the Documents folder, possibly under a iTunes, or Music, subfolder. p2p music sharing programs have various places where they put music. i'd like to think that most of them put it somewhere in a user's home directory, probably under the Documents or Music folders. mutella, which a certain freak might have occassion to use for his own amusement, creates a folder called mutella, in this certain freak's home folder, wherein it stores its downloads. i haven't used limewire in a while, so i dont remember where that puts stuff.

All of that paragraph is muddied though, because nearly all programs allow the user to configure, in preferences, where to put the music. the ods should be able to find it all though. personally i haven't used it in a while, but i remember it being really keen when i did.