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Mr. Farmiga
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2007-11-05, 00:17

Originally Posted by Roboman View Post
And Pscates, you totally look like I expected you to look like. Like, if I saw your photo, and was supposed to guess what Nova-ite it was, I would be like "Paul!"
Uh-oh. Can't be good...

I change quite a bit, in terms of facial hair and hair. I'll have a full goatee with a big honkin' Sam Eliot 'stache for several months, then I'll shave completely, or, as I currently do, I just have the chin stuff. The sideburns are over the place, long, short, trimmed, pointed, Elvis-y, etc. And sometimes the pomade goes on the hair to defy gravity, and other times it just flops around like Ringo. In the course of a week, I can look like four different people depending on my various grooming/styling approaches.