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2008-01-14, 19:35

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
Definitely. I've got a Yamaha RX-V2600 receiver and a set of Paradigm Monitors with a Velodyne sub.

Two Monitor 5's in front, the CC370 center and two ADP370 surrounds. These are from the previous version, they've since revamped the entire line.
Then you have one kickass system.

My Yamaha is pretty old, I can't remember the model, but it's an old Pro-logic. My mains are an older model of Paradigm as well, not part of the newer Monitor series. They're 12 or so years old, but they still sound great. I've only got a CC170 Center, but the same surrounds as you.

Of course this all surrounds a lovely 27" Sony square TV ...someday.

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