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2008-01-14, 21:33

Originally Posted by sunrain View Post
I think WLP is still a quite a bit over-geared for his space, but there is some logic to having high output speakers/amplifiers and running them at (comparatively) lower levels, rather than lower output speakers and amps being driven higher. Particularly with cone speakers (couldn't speak as much to electrostatic, etc.) their accuracy improves with ample amplification at lower overall levels. It mostly has to do with the undesirable acoustic results when the cone/diaphram of a speaker is extended towards it's limits.
Yeah, that's why I run it like that. I have the room set up so the distortion is minimal and you can never over stress the components. I'm running both subs on a Crest V650 unit in stereo mode (4 ohms) so it pushes about 250 watts per channel. The amp is very overbuilt and never gets stressed. The drywall will literally crack before the system does.

I have a pair of Mach5 Audio MJ-18s. They are just unbranded OEMs that I picked up for about $80 each. They look real nice and have plenty of kick.

It also is great for dance parties!