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2008-02-21, 10:54

Originally Posted by malcolm View Post
Thanks to all of you for your suggestions. Kickhaha, I think I recall you recommending OmniGraffle once before (when I was trying to draw a plan for how the different parts and pieces of my editing gear connect), and I got it... thought it looked great... but struggled with it. I confess I'm not patient. I just reopened it now, and drew a room outline and a wall. But then I looked everywhere to have it draw on a “graph paper” background, and couldn't find it; neither could I see how to get it to measure in feet and inches instead of centimetres. Arghhh! I'm sure it's simple, and I just can't see it.
Turn on the grid. Inspectors -> Grid

What I did was to set the grid to 12 minor ticks per major (ie, 12 inches per foot), and then scaled the large ticks to be 2 per inch. Voila. 1" on screen = 2', and you have inch demarcations as well.

To have a line auto-measure, double-click on it to start editing the label, and enter <%LENGTH%> (or Edit -> Insert Variable -> Line Length) After that, it will show the length of the line. (Note that this shows the length of line *on screen*, not scaled to the grid. Looking into how I did that - my blueprint is back home on the other machine.)

Oddly, I can't seem to find where to switch from metric to Imperial measurements - I'm assuming since you have your location as Canada, that that's what your country is set up as in the general OS. That's what OG uses to determine if it should measure in metric or Imperial. Heck, go with it - I'm stuck with inches and feet.

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