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2008-12-08, 14:52

Originally Posted by Dorian Gray View Post
Why does nothing even remotely close to this exist? Obviously an iPod-like DAP will always be much more popular than the above, but surely there's a substantial market for something like this too?
I dunno, probably because no one expects anything to last as long anymore so the companies aren't under any pressure to make such a product. I might be in the minority about this, but I the child and geek in me likes buying new things, so I'm not particularly adamant that the thing has got to last 10 years; it's fun to buy new gadgets.

I'm with you on all your other points except the AA/AAA battery. I hate replacing AA/AAA batteries, and this would need to be done on a weekly basis almost. AA/AAA are pretty expensive, too. I'd rather have to buy a whole new product 2-3 years down the line than swap out AA/AAA every week. It's just too much of a hassle.

The voltage and amperage issues you brought up are probably the biggest downfall of the portable DAP, in the audiophile's eyes. I know they are for me. However, I think the explanation is battery life, if they gave you what you wanted you'd be swapping those AA/AAA even more often. That's what a portable amp is for, it's a balancing act between portability and your desire for high audio quality; I don't think there's any way around it until the next generation of battery technology becomes fully feasible (portable and cheap to produce).

I yearn for an optical audio out as well, but right now we've got to settle for line out through the iPod's connector port.

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