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2010-03-03, 18:27

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I don't mean to be a dick, but why would the US tech media report extensively on tech that isn't popular in the US? If CNET talks about Symbian, it'll be relevant to only a tiny percent of their readers. If they write a story on Android or the iPhone, though, they'll get way more hits.

I agree that it is stupid to only look at the US market when judging the worldwide performance of a product, especially one that is developed outside the US, but you have to keep in mind the audience.
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It's not that they don't cover it, that would be (as you said) understandable. It's that they do cover it in an oddly disparaging fashion. Like, Engadget just came out and said that the Nokia C5 wasn't a smartphone, despite it having multitasking, WiFi, Exchange support, an app store, and GPS with free voice navigation. I'm not sure what smartphone requirements it doesn't meet, unless "a North American operating system" is on the list now. And it's not just Engadget. It's, like, everyone.

I'm far from a Symbian superfan but it's hard not to notice. The US technology media seems to think that Symbian is (deservedly, apparently) going down in flames, despite the fact that it continues to add users and there's huge improvements coming over the next year.

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