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2011-02-16, 18:17

I can definitely offer advice on this one. Last year when I bought my house I completely gutted my kitchen and redid the cabinets, countertops, appliances, tile, electrical, ect. One thing I'd suggest with all this stuff is get what you want because odds are you'll never change it again or at least not for a long time.

I went with 20"x20" tiles. I love the bigger tiles. I went dark gray with a charcoal grout and it looks awesome and you don't have to worry about grout staining. I'm trying to remember the price but I wanna say I paid around $3/sqft. I got mine from a local supplier. I checked home depot and lowes but never saw anything I liked

What types of countertops are you looking to go with? I went with a black granite. Your granite supplier will typically include the undermount sink and a 3"-4" back splash. Definitely do not go through home depot or those places. Their prices are crazy. I got mine around $50/sqft. Make sure if you go that route that you ask about their seams because you want as few as possible. Also ask about the thickness. Some cheaper places try and skimp and go thin with plywood mounted under.

My cabinets I got from a local place where they were Chinese made I believe. I went with a cherry that looks nice. It all depends on your layout and how many cabinets you'd need and if you go with an island and all that jazz. I will say the one place I did find a great deal on handles was lowes. Those ran me about $5/ea. Make sure when you get your cabinets you have someone who knows what they're doing put them in because you want them level and perfect.

If you have some more questions, ask away. Always here to help.

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