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2011-02-18, 14:55

Actually a light vs. dark look was a big factor in our design. While there are some beautiful kitchens out there that are all naturally dark wood or stained or painted dark wood, top to bottom, our own preference was for a lighter look, at least on top. Actually, my wife might have gone even lighter for some of the elements of our scheme. I appreciate the designs of the other kitchens in this thread, but I do like a bit of light look myself.

Re a couple of comments on size, the panorama pics on our designer’s website appear to be taken with an extreme wide angle lens (just a shade less than fisheye), and make our kitchen appear bigger than it actually is. In reality, we did not have a huge space to work with even with moving part of a wall. It is an extremely efficient space though, allowing two and even more people to work in it at the same time.

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