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2014-08-31, 13:22

Originally Posted by Capella View Post
Is it sad that I'm excited at the idea that with these new 3DSes released, maybe I can find the classic DS or DSlite for dirt-cheap? At least in my area they're still running around $70 at stores.
GameStop currently sells "refurbished" DS lites for $59.99 and original DSes for $49.99. They're refurbished by GameStop, not Nintendo, but that's still probably a better bet than just taking your chances with a pawn shop model.

But if you can spring it, I'd go for a used 2DS. The 2DS plays all regular DS games, and it also plays all 3DS games in 2D mode, so you can play all the latest games too. It's also sooo comfortable. The 2DS is on sale for $99 new pretty regularly—like this week, at Target—and GameStop's refurbs are $89, but I've seen used ones for pretty cheap elsewhere. And they're pretty bulletproof and also haven't been out that long, so if you find one in a pawn shop that's in good shape it shouldn't give you any problems (it's the hinges that break, and the 2DS has no hinges).

The 2DS is probably what I'd recommend for turtle too. They're cheap enough to just pick up for kicks, and they play everything, and the slate form factor hits my Game Boy nostalgia buttons. And if you're an adult with larger hands, you might find it way more comfortable than the clamshells. You don't get the 3D, but to be honest I leave that off most of the time anyway (it's cool when you can see it, but keeping your head in just the right spot is kind of a pain). $99 gets you into a huge and growing library, and you can even download old Nintendo and Game Boy classics to it.

In case you can't tell, I'm a big fan of the 2DS. It really is the under-appreciated black sheep of the line—everybody laughed at it for being weird and ugly, lol Nintendo, but it's made to be held, not looked at. I've found myself playing 3DS games way more often since adding a 2DS to my, ahem, collection. And it really is an unbeatable value.

But YMMV, of course. A lot of people feel like they need the giant XL screens.

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