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Mr. Farmiga
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2015-06-28, 23:26

Been on a wood/building kick throughout 2015, finally pursuing some things I've always wanted to try (making small furniture/knick-knacks, flags, weathered signage and hand-painted stuff, etc.).

Anyway, my nephew (he just turned 10) and I go see all the Marvel stuff and while seeing Age of Ultron last month, he told me how Captain America was his favorite member of the team (mine too). It's his birthday, so it was a no-brainer figuring out what to do.

Did the initial layout in Illustrator (shocking, I know ), working out the dimensions, cut list, proportions, etc. Then simply recreated it (and applied any math) in real life (made a little homemade compass with an old paint stick with my various radius numbers drilled out from a central pivot point, etc.). Initially I was going to just do a single layer board and simply mask/paint the rings and all. And then I thought I could do something cooler, and I did.

Anyway, Vibranium it ain't. But when you see it from a distance and kinda squint, you get that curved/convex vibe.

I know it's a cliché, but the pics don't do it justice. It looks amazing in real life...the texturing/weathering, the shadows and ridges created by the stacking, the colors, etc. Quite proud how this one turned out (exactly like my 1:1 Illustrator workup, down to the quarter-inch). BTW, it's just cheap ($1.22) 1x4x8 furring from Home Depot, three total. Leftover used to make back supports/bracing and a French cleat for hanging.

Started out looking like a very bad wedding cake...

Okay, a little more like something...