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2017-02-28, 16:16

Originally Posted by kieran View Post
I"m genuinely excited to pick one of these up, whenever that may be.

I haven't bought a console since the PS3, which I barely used, and the Wii, which I used frequently and then all of a sudden just stoped. I haven't had a portable gaming system since a Game Boy, so that should be fun. I really just want to be able to play all of the old NES games and Mario kart. If I can only get those, I'd be happy.
Which Mario Kart? My Raspberry Pi has been amazing for this. You can easily play any of the old NES/SNES games as well as pretty much anything from the PS1 era or earlier. N64 is not nearly as good, but it still works with some of the most popular titles (Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, Ocarina of Time).

Hell if you want portable, a used Android phone and a controller with a built-in phone clamp will do all the same stuff. Should work with a jailbroken iPhone/iPad as well.

Since I got my Raspberry Pi set up, I haven't felt much desire to play new games, since I can just go back and play old games instead. There's an enormous library of them that I will never be able to complete.