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2017-03-01, 10:47

Originally Posted by kieran View Post
I've thought about that. They were talking about it on a podcast I was listening to. I'm just not sure that's what I want to do just yet. The Switch looks good and I'd like to support Nintendo if I can.
You know, if you want to support Nintendo directly, you could buy an NES Classic. They're apparently slightly more available now, and some people have said that they've just seen them for sale in Best Buys and other stores.

People have already hacked the thing apart. First they were able to put up to 60 games on it (double the original 30), then they figured out how to put ALL NES games on it, and now you can even install emulators for other systems so you can play games for the SNES, Genesis, Game Boy, etc. At its core, the NES Classic is just a cheap single board computer like a Raspberry Pi.

The only thing is, it appears doing the hack to get all this extra stuff on it is at least as involved as setting up a Raspberry Pi. But it does come in a cool little mini-NES case.

Some good info here:

Or just search for "hakchi2", the name of the project.