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2018-04-08, 11:46

Nice! I guess I failed to mention here that my wife surprised me by buying us a Switch on launch day last year with a copy of Breath of the Wild. I think I've sunk over 300 hours into BotW. Most of that was within the first six months, and at this point I try not to pick it up again so that in the not-too-distant future I might wipe my save, start from scratch, and try to experience it with a fresh set of eyes.

The only other game we've purchased is Super Mario Odyssey. To me Odyssey felt very much like BotW in the sense of OMG they got this so right. I didn't 100% it, but I'm pretty sure I'm in the 99% area with only a handful of missed purple coins and moons. I think Odyssey ate up another 100 hours of my play time.

If it's not too late, I'd still encourage you to veer away from the temptations of guides, walkthroughs, tutorials, etc. for both games, although I know by now it's probably impossible to have avoided all spoilers. I found that both of these games, more so BotW, give a very rewarding sense of progression as I figured out puzzles and pushed forward in the game, and since they both broke away from the traditional "send you back to the start" pattern after finding a MacGuffin collectable token, the sense of dread for waiting and retracing your steps is all gone and it sometimes feels like you're moving forward at lightning speed.

If you didn't play Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze on a Wii U, it looks like that's a good one to pick up, but be warned that if you're a completionist, DKTF can be pretty punishing as its "100%" goals are clearly designed for skilled and persistent gamers. The aesthetic and play feel of the recent DK games is really good IMO, and it seems that DKTF's original Wii U release didn't get a fair shot since the Wii U was such a dud on the market. So, I'm really happy to see it getting a new life on the Switch.

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