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2019-01-01, 13:55

So I got myself a Switch for Christmas! Yes, it really is for me...though I let my kids play it some.

Anyway, Currently I only have what came with the Let's Go Pikachu edition. I've noticed I really need another power cord for this thing. Are there any other accessories I really should look at getting? I could see a car adapter for longer road trips but we don't have any of those in the plans for now.

The Switch Online service; is it worth it?

I'm not a fan of such small game cards (especially with my kids getting ahold of them) so I'm thinking everything will be a digital download a large MicroSD card is in order. Is there a card type that works better than any other? So I need a super speed card or basic SanDisk going to be enough?

Overall I'm loving the Switch and so is my wife. Of course the kids do too.

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