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I'll be perfectly fine with Apple's "family friendly" content touting those people's ideas like clean energy, global health, human civility and caring, etc as opposed to those other people's (including the RWNJ mass-shooter crowd) ideas that, frankly, are outdated, despicable and gross.
It doesn't bother me about documentaries and that sort of thing. Documentaries are always leaning one direction or the other. However, I prefer to have my "entertainment" as free from politics as possible. A great show/movie can be completely ruined with [insert your favorite political crap here] shoved into the script for no other reason than politically-biased BS.

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That's what I'm talking about. A new iPad mini would be a dream at $249... that's like, gifting price. And if the Music & Vid gets combined into a single subscription at a reasonable price ($9.99 would be ideal) then I would definitely put it in my rotation of off/on-again subscribed services.
If it is $10/month, I'll sign up! More than that and I'll take a wait and see approach. If they come up with a really good series that captures my attention (like Breaking Bad) it might be worth it.

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Also, I like porn... even if the kinks have gone a little sibling-sideways over the last couple of years. It'll even itself out, eventually.
There are plenty of free avenues to follow. Netflix, Amazon, Apple, etc. do not need to add to it. There are several Netflix originals that I absolutely love, but I get tired of seeing the show fall into the old "show some boobs" trick while I'm sitting with my wife just trying to watch a show with her.

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