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2019-03-19, 08:35

Originally Posted by 709 View Post
This is an eternal fucking thing, it feels like, under Tim Cook.
Yeah, it feels like they can never let a line-up rest and feel just right. Why do both the iPad and iPad Air exist?…is the new why do both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro without Touch Bar exist. (Answer, apparently: to hit certain price points.)

Why is the Pencil 1 required for the two newest iPads? Why is the Pencil 2 required for just the iPad Pro, but also only for the most recent generation? (Answer appears to be technical mumbo-jumbo nobody cares about. It boils down to bad marketing.)

It’s a mess. Which is unfortunate, because by themselves, these are good products. Why isn’t anyone taking the bird’s eye’s view and figuring out how they fit in a grander strategy, though?