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2019-03-20, 11:52

Like all businesses, Apple is in the business of making money. Even non-profits exist for the purpose of making money (they just hide it behind a tax shield). Each of us has a job solely for the purpose of making money, and each of us will jump at the opportunity to make more.

Each of us is going to pay someone to deliver content to us, whether that is Google, Amazon, Netflix, Disney, or Apple. Each of these companies has its fingers in more than one pie, yet everyone gets a free pass except for Apple. "Apple should only make computers." Well, Google should only do search, Amazon should just sell books, Netflix should just rent DVD's, and Disney should just make cute animated cartoons.

Each of these companies are what they are because they invested capital, took risks, and expanded their offerings. Otherwise, Apple would still just be the "Macintosh Company" and they would be gone.

Bring on the content. Maybe it will suck, maybe it won't. However, I will bet my bottom dollar that some folks will say it sucks even if they produce some of the best shows on the planet.

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