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2019-05-23, 14:22

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
Seriously, what's it gonna take to get some more activity on AN? I know we've had this discussion in the past, and the general answer seemed to be that most folks were busy with Twitter or some other social media thing. My counter to that goes like this: I am also a member over at AppleInsider, although I almost never post there because I do not like the ad-driven environment. However, they have a very healthy forum with regular posting. They also have a regular stream of articles and blah-blah-blah that drive a lot of that conversation.

So, how do we keep AN alive and thriving? Or maybe the better question is: How do we revive AN and get it thriving, again?
One possible answer: get the thing going that AN always wanted to do but never quite did, namely blog posts / feature articles. MacRumors Forums is still a fairly vibrant discussion forum (a dying breed, really), and I think that's largely because their news articles get plenty of viewership.

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
The old cats like Kickaha, Pscates, etc. haven't posted since the last election. That's over two years. Did we make AN too unfriendly and those guys just not want to be here, anymore? Did politics kill our site?
That's hard to say. People move on; it's important that new people keep coming in. (Which is not to say that we shouldn't also strive to keep people, of course.)