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2019-08-14, 21:15

Innovation: the action or process of innovating [a new method, idea, product, etc.]

1) New method: AirPods relieved the strain encountered by most people who pair a bluetooth device. Using the W1/H1 chip and Apple ID information, AirPods pair simply by holding the device next to a supported Apple product and opening the case. That’s it. This has never been done before in the industry. While Samsung has attempted to copy Apple, their implementation provides nothing more than a button linking back to the Bluetooth settings before implementing the normal Bluetooth pairing process.

2) New Idea: Wireless earbuds completely untethered (even to each other) while implementing a SOC capable of syncing wireless bi-directional audio; utilizing infra-red proximity sensors, motion sensors, and the SOC to provide communication between each bud and between the buds and the case; delivering them in a nifty little battery-charging case; and implementing a new form of Bluetooth connectivity. AirPods are a first in this class.

3) New Product: See above.

These fit the definition of “innovation”, regardless whether or not any given individual agrees.

Also, AirPods are not the same earbuds as EarPods.They use different speakers, different electronics, and have different venting. They have built-in microphones and proximity sensors. They’re the same shape, but are vastly different internally. They are not a wireless version of EarPods.

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