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2019-08-22, 09:36

Originally Posted by turtle View Post
You know, that is so true. This morning I started working through the process of moving files off of Dropbox and realize I actually have a bunch of apps that link to Dropbox directly. My milage calculator, scanner app, 1Password, IFTTT, Minecraft (I sync the actual application folder), the number of other images I share now through here instead of uploading to my server.

So many things that I'm going to end up revamping to move away from them that I've accumulated over the years.
How's the process going? I need to move away from dropbox too. I don't use any other features besides as a folder sync/poor man's backup solution. I hate that it wants permission for basically controlling your computer to do anything. I don't like that they changed the limit on computers linked. It's too damned pushy now.

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