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2019-08-23, 08:49

I haven't completed the transition from Dropbox. Every time I get close I realize there is another app tied to it and I don't want to take the time to finish that one too.

Mostly now I'm using iCloud (since I got roped into their 2TB plan). I do have OneDrive for some things when I need to go between my work and personal stuff since I use a PC for work. I moved 1Password to the subscription though so it is no longer a concern with Dropbox either. I contacted their sales team and got a pretty sizable credit toward services since I've been using them so long and complained about another subscription service.

The private stuff I've all moved to my NAS though. I'm more and more where I don't trust any storage provider out there. Not that they are evil per se, just that they are susceptible to hacking even if they try hard not to be.

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