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2021-11-11, 10:36

Is there a way I can make Firefox on macOS tunnel through a work VPN? Just Firefox for now, but I might need to do other applications as well.

Really, I'm trying to ditch my work VM (PC) and go all Mac on it. Thing is I need a VPN to connect to resources I manage, like almost everything I do has to be through the VPN. However, there are a bunch of resources that are general browser based connections. Since some of those connections would go through the VPN on my work machine, even my DNS request pass through my company DNS servers.

I have all the O365 Enterprise apps I need available on macOS. RDCMan is the biggest thing I'll miss, but I'm looking at something from Devolutions for that gap.

What I may try to do is put my work VM on my ESXi host and then remote to it for the things I need the VPN for. It would just be nice if I can make it so only Firefox is on the VPN then I can use it for logging into those work resources and leave Safari for my general browsing.

I'm using Viscosity for my VPN client in both the PC and macOS systems if that makes a difference.

Thinking about this more as I'm typing, I would need the remote consoles from vCenter to also be through the tunnel as well as most of the RDP sessions.


I can just connect my Mac to the corp VPN and it wouldn't be a problem, but then all my personal use traffic on the laptop goes through their DNS and ISP. I'd really like there to be a separation between personal and professional internet access.

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