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2005-11-06, 11:09

Has anyone tried synching Photo Booth photos with the new iPod? I've been troubleshooting this for a few hours now...

I'm using a Windows formatted iPod into the new iMac 17". I've been adding movies all week (no problems). Last night I decided to put all those goofy photos of myself and my girlfreind into iPhoto. Well all was good until I tried to synch them with the iPod. I got this error "The iPod "Josh's iPod" cannot be updated. The disk could not be read from or written to." I researched that error and fom others on the net with the same problem it boiled down to a corrupt music file... well my music has been working and syncing on there for over a week now and until I added these photos was when I got the error.

So I decided to back my steps up and I deleted the "Photo Booth" album from my iPhoto. Tried to sync and I got the error something in the realm of "This iPod cannot find the file to delete". At this point I'm like what the hell.

So I decide to restore it back to factory setting buy using the iPod updater. So I restore it using my PC and Synced it last night. Woke up this morning and everything is perfect. Until I try to add the photo booth photos. The first time they actually got onto the iPod. So I though the problem was solved (no idea why) but when I went to view the photos on the iPod they were there on the main album menu and inside of the album you can see them all at once. But once i tried to access them all they would display is white fuzz, like snow on bad reception tv. So I try to delete the album. It deletes fine out of the iPod. Then I try to just put 1 Photo Booth iPod back on and now I'm getting the error "The iPod "Josh's iPod" cannot be updated. The disk could not be read from or written to."

Anybody get there photo booths files on the iPod yet??? Anyone have any ideas what is doing this? I'm really confused...