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2008-03-19, 21:23

Ok, so I have everything set up for my site using WordPress and using MarsEdit to post to, but I can't find a theme that I want.

I just wanted to throw a line out ther to see if anyone on here wanted to help me out and create a little theme for me? I have no artistic ability at all and have no idea how to even go about doing this.

If I could get some help with this, I'd be more than happy to throw some money your way for your time involved.

If someone wants to take this on, this is what I'm looking for.

Something Irish themed, but with a Philly spin. Maybe a little shout out to Philly sports or something.

I'm just throwing this out there. If this is beyond anything that someone can do for me, that's ok. I was just looking for some help.

Thanks a lot.