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2018-04-12, 14:23

So I finally got my desk! Only a year+ later, but I have it. Still setting it up but so far I'm loving this desk!

It will hold my two monitors easily. Up to 300Lbs for this model. Only $280 from NewEgg. I have to order new 10' HDMI cables before I can set up Volstagg you see on the floor that hooks up to the monitors. My desk can go up to 50.5"! That is high enough that I can ride my office chair under it like a mechanic stands under a car on a lift. Pretty high.

I was going to give Monoprice a try but I can't seem to get the cart there to actually complete the checkout. It just stalls. I even tried using PayPal as the payment method and it's not working. Now I'm going to have to get my stuff from Amazon. I hate buying from them now.

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