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2021-11-17, 00:50

Originally Posted by turtle View Post
The lack of unity across this front is one of the things that really annoyed me the most and what stops me from really getting into coding at all. Spaces or tabs? White space matters... no it doesn't. I'm good with bash scripting so that is generally what I stick with.

I use TextMate now on my Mac to "clean up" my quotes and such so I don't have that problem. Still working with Notepad++ on my PC VMs.
“Tabs” vs “spaces” doesn’t matter if you don’t store the source code as plaintext and let the editor sort it out.

Of course, people would decry the dangers of having source code stored in some binary encoding, but, by and large, those people forget that “plaintext” is itself a binary encoding. A simple one, true, but the fact remains that “a” is stored as “01100001”, not as “a”.

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