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Mr. Farmiga
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2021-12-28, 17:03

That's pretty cool!

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I'm trying to get my Dad to replace his 2010(!) (it seems I come by it genetically) 15" MacBook Pro with a new M1 mini (refurb or otherwise). He's the perfect case for it because a) he never uses his MacBook as a sits on his desk 24/7 acting like a really flat, wide Mac why not get the real thing? and b) due to "a", he's already got the whole BYOKDM thing working...a nice 23" Samsung display, an Apple keyboard that he loves and a third-party mouse that he's happy with. For $600-800 he could slide in a new, spiffy (and modern) Mac that he'd enjoy using again. His MacBook, as you might expect, is pretty much unusable...takes 400 years to boot up, 200 to wake up, 100 to open a window or respond to anything. He's about six-generations back in OS X/macOS; a 4200rpm hard drive in a world that long ago went to SSD.