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2014-04-04, 21:45

First, thank you very much bb, 709 and whoever else it was helping get this trap built so quickly for us all. I think it's awesome and love that we have it as an option.

I do have a request for making it a tad more "efficient" though. With the ceiling being half slab the Endermen are able to touch you if you stand one block away. If you were to replace the block closest to their opening with a full block it would prevent them from getting to you and allow you to stand in one place while they all come to you! I even did a video to show you what I mean.

This way you don't have to run from side to side swiping at them, you can stand mostly still while they come rushing to their death! All you have to do is head over and pickup the XP. Start looking down before you are ready to be done and you won't make any more mad. Kill of the last of the mad ones and you're done. Notice I went from almost none to 30 in that short video? Also notice how little food was used?

Don't worry, I've already put the blocks back the way they were. I just changed them to do the demo. I just think even if just the blocks at the ends (or one end) were changed then it would make this a simpler harvesting method.

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