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2009-12-04, 19:48

So, I've been thinking we should have a photo challenge for a while now. We have talked about doing one on and off for a little while, and I thought I'd get this started.

What is the point of this thread? To encourage people to express themselves through photography, it is as simple as that. Everyone is welcome to join!

I think a few simple rules should be kept though, to keep this interesting. No heavy duty photo editing, so no heavy cropping (yikes!), HDR, or super saturated photos, unless that is how your camera makes them by default, lets try to keep a natural, out of the camera look to our photos (JPEG Shooting preferable). Photos submitted can be in colour or black and white, black and white photos must be taken as such, in camera, not in post processing. Photos must be taken during the month in which the given challenge is active. To make this clear, the December challenge will be to photograph something that represents your favorite winter activity, so the photo will have to be taken sometime during the month of December. I think the best way to make this possible is to run the challenge from the midway point of the month into the midway point of the next month, when a new challenge would start.

Will there be a winner each month, yes! Each month will be judged by the winner of the past month. The host of the given month will not submit a photo for judgement, but rather just as an example. How should photos be judged? I think we have to keep it simple, does the image cover the given topic, without a description? This is about getting the message through, not just pure image quality, the photo that is best able to do so in the eyes of the judge should be the winner. So, judges should not just consider composition, although that will be considered, or noise levels, or whether or not the subject is perfectly focused, although those things will be considered if the judge feels they get in the way of the story being told through the image. The judge cannot just present the winner, they must explain why they think the image in question is the winner. I think that makes this fair enough for everyone. What does the winner win? A little pride and honor among their peers, thats about it. Oh and the winner gets to pick the next subject.

So if you all think this is a good idea, we could get started on the 15th of December. I'd love to hear peoples thoughts on this, and I'm more than willing to make some adjustments to rules, although I like the idea of keeping it simple.

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